Fixing the positions of the hands Repeatedly apply external perturbations to the body


Indexing and Retrieving Motions of Characters in Close Contact
by Edmond S. L. Ho and Taku Komura

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, vol. 15, issue 3, pp. 481-492, May/June 2009. [ PDF ] [ Video ] [ BibTex ]

Character Motion Synthesis by Topology Coordinates
by Edmond S. L. Ho and Taku Komura

Computer Graphics Forum (Eurographics 2009), vol. 28, issue 2, Mar 2009. [ PDF ] [ Video ] [ BibTex ]

Planning tangling motions for humanoids
by Edmond S. L. Ho and Taku Komura

Proceedings of the IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots, Nov 2007.

Wrestle alone: Creating tangled motions of multiple avatars from individually captured motions
by Edmond S. L. Ho and Taku Komura

Proceedings of Pacific Graphics 2007, Oct 2007. [ PDF ] [ Video ] [ BibTex ]

In this project, we proposed new methods to analysize and generate character motions that invlove close contacts. We introduce the concept of topology coordinates, in which the topological relationships of the segments are embedded into the attributes. There is a wide range of applications of the new methods, for example, content-based retrieval and character animation synthesis.

Any suggestions or comments are welcome. Please send them to Dr. Taku Komura or Edmond S. L. Ho.
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Last updated: 23 January 2009