Funded Projects

"Turing Network Development Award"
Award Lead and Proposal Lead at Northumbria University, EPSRC / The Alan Turing Institute, 2022

"D-FOCUS: Drone-FOrmation Control for countering future Unmanned aerial Systems" (£ 124,901)
PI, The Ministry of Defence (DASA) - Defence and Security Accelerator (Ref: DSTLX-1000140725), 2019-2020

"Autonomous Monitoring for Patients and Older People using Smart Environments with Sensor Fusion"
PI, Royal Society Yusuf Hamied International Exchange Award (Ref: IES\R1\191147), 2019-2022

"Deep Learning in Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality"
PI, NVIDIA GPU Grant, 2018

"Intelligent Interactions Lab"
PI, Northumbria University CAPEX Fund, 2018-2019

"Shoes2Run - Wearable Technology"
Co-Investigator (PI: Shoes2Run Limited, industrial partner), Creative Fuse North East, 2018

"Augmented Reality Equipment for Teaching and Research"
PI, Northumbria University CAPEX Fund, 2017-2018

"A Multi-resolution Spatial Relation based Representation for Close Character Interactions Analysis and Synthesis" (HK$ 500,000)
PI, RGC General Research Fund (RGC/HKBU210813), 2013-2016

"Modelling Human-Object Interactions based on Spatial Relations for Robust Action Recognition" (CNY 250,000)
PI, NSFC Young Scientists Fund (Ref: 61302176), 2013-2016

"Modelling Temporal Structure for Robust and Efficient Human Action Recognition"
PI, HKBU Faculty Research Grant (FRG2/14-15/105), 2015-2016

"Monitoring Posture for Workplace Health and Safety with A Depth Camera"
PI, HKBU Faculty Research Grant (FRG2/13-14/092), 2014-2015

"Research on Efficient Multi-Character Motion Adaptation Based on A Multi-resolution Hierarchical Model for Spacetime Optimization"
PI, HKBU Faculty Research Grant (FRG2/12-13/078), 2013-2014

"Synthesizing Physically Valid Close Interactions for Controlling Humanoid Characters and Robots"
PI, HKBU Faculty Research Grant (FRG1/12-13/055), 2013-2014